Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sistem Laporan Nilaian Prestasi Tahunan LNPT Online (E-Prestasi) Negeri Perak

As an introduction, the current software, Laporan Nilaian Prestasi Tahunan (LNPT) is quite having minor improvements. Each year there are some major additions or at least a little minor features added in the application since its developed. The LNPT used Microsoft Access as its platform and the current version for today used is 4.1.

Some schools did not get the latest version, and they still used the former version 4.0 or 3.0. The problem is found during the data acquisition and collection among districts. The problem is also discovered during data verification at Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri Perak level.

According to Mr. Abd. Rashid b Shafie, Deputy Director (Information Management) of Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri Perak, the major problem of the standalone application:

1.1.1 Every year when the new data need to be input, new system must be distributed to 1080 schools in Perak. The constraints are time and cost. For example, cost would increase if the application was distributed using compact disc (CD).

1.1.2 Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri (JPN) Perak and Pejabat Pelajaran Daerah (PPD) could not observe the standalone data at school. They could not detect which schools haven’t key-in the data until the due date.

1.1.3 Long period of time to collect the data according to the steps below: Installation system instruction EMIS data imported to the system Schools update the data, key-in and export the data in the diskette then
send it to PPD PPD combined all the data Data verification by PPD to avoid data redundant (same name in two
different schools. JPN combined all the 10 districts’ data to avoid data redundant (same name in two different districts) Data verification by JPN

1.1.4 If there is any correction on the standalone system, the school has to update it and send again the diskette (data) to PPD.

1.1.5 Problems in data collection: The backup data diskette cannot be read. Different Microsoft Office application used by the schools (Office 2003 and
Office 2007) Virus from the schools threaten PPD’s PC

Sumber : Proposal Ijazah Sarjana Penulis

Projek : Sistem Laporan Nilaian Prestasi Tahunan LNPT Online (E-Prestasi) Negeri Perak
Platform : PHP dan MySQL
Penerangan : Online. Pemarkahan Laporan Nilaian Prestasi Tahunan Online (EPRESTASI)
Tahun Dibina : 2009

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